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Grefillinn 2023: Admiring the Icelandic wilderness

Wow, what a weekend! On Saturday, August 12th, we witnessed a huge success of Grefillinn, gravel race in Iceland. Unforgettable moments carved in gravel and etched against the breathtaking backdrop of Borgarfjörður’s stunning beauty!

The weather was on point, the sunlit trails painted the landscape with vibrant hues, as cyclists conquered the rugged terrain with determination and grit. Imagine this: cyclists owning those trails, tough but awesome.

The heart-pounding race was more than just a competition; it was a chance to connect with nature, a dance with nature, a journey through the soul-stirring vistas of Borgarfjörður. Think mountain view that touch the sky, and untouched nature that leaves you speechless. These were the elements that framed the path.

As the wheels spun and the dust settled, a sense of accomplishment filled the air. Participants pushed their limits, demonstrating all their grit and authentic passion. In doing so, they emerged as victors, both on the racecourse and within themselves.

Hats off to the tireless organizers, the brave participants, and the sun that graced us with its presence. Grefillinn was an unforgettable event, which forged friendships and sparked a love for Borgarfjörður that will last forever.

What more to say? See you next year!

Source: Castelli

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