Flight Attendant - available on Mach 4 SL | Factory Store

Flight Attendant - available on Mach 4 SL

Experience SRAMs relentless pursuit of innovation with the Rockshox Flight Attendant. Paired with Pivot’s Mach 4 SL your potential isn’t only unlocked, it’s limitless. Available to order now!

What's Flight Attendant
Meet the Rockshox Flight Attendant, the cutting-edge automatic suspension system that doesn't just respond—it listens and learns. Powered by a sophisticated array of sensors, and integrating both the power meter and transmission, it keenly interprets your every move and the nuances of the terrain, pre-emptively adjusting to the optimal suspension position. This means you can ride faster, go farther, and channel less energy into tweaking your suspension settings. With Flight Attendant, you can focus on what truly matters: the pure, unbridled joy of the ride.

Learn more about Mach 4 SL here. For orders send us an email to info@factorystore.si.


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